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Why its important to know your why

Knowing your why is what allows you to live your life with purpose. Living with purpose allows you to feel aligned with your true values, as you are able to invest time and energy into the things you find most rewarding. Knowing your why allows you to feel the most ‘like yourself’ as you orient yourself on the path that is right for you.

The benefits of knowing your why are vast. We’ve listed some of the benefits we’ve found have sprung to life as we have more closely aligned ourselves with our why.

The first is that knowing your why allows you to focus on what you truly want. You will be able to filter out distractions by identifying what is less important, or what is not leading you towards your ‘why’. This will allow you to live much more consciously, as you can effectively anchor your day-to-day actions with whatever it is that you value. As you embark on this journey, you will likely find that living in this way allows you to live with greater clarity.

Knowing your why allows you to live with integrity. You will be passionate about living by your core values to achieve your goals, and will find that these common goals allow you to contribute to your world more positively. Someone who knows their why, and is inspired by it, is able to make a greater impact through their work - which in turn inspires a feeling of gratification.

You may find this sense of gratification shifts into other areas of your life - including your relationships. If you lead a team, when you know your why you are able to communicate this more effectively, and inspire your team to reach new heights. Great leaders are able to reinforce their businesses’ purpose and unite others, to effectively achieve team engagement and drive success.

Knowing your why will inspire greater success and contentment with your life. Even the most mundane parts of your life, will be fused with greater joy as you realise that it all serves your highest purpose – whatever that may be.


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