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Subscribe to the Collective 

 S49.00 per month 


Pay annually and get two months free with a one time payment annually of $490.00

What you get: 

  • Free Attendance at the Clarity Workshop 

  • Your personalised "next step" 12 month programme ( after attending the clarity workshop ) 

  • Be the first to be notified of all upcoming events and experiences with your personalised invitations with a guaranteed discount across all events

  •  Exclusive access codes to content, courses, podcasts +more, PLUS discounts on all experiences

  • Gain your personal login to The Circle, our monthly online meets up with the collective where you will be able to join conversations with like-minded women across mind body and business.

  • Free access to the weekly podcasts across mind, body, and business with leading global experts in their field

  • Receive a unique access code to connect with our panel of experts so you can tap into what and who you need when you need it. It’s literally having a team of coaches and experts at your fingertips.

  • 10% discount code for all products in our Lifestyle Shop

  • The Collective Membership

    Every month
    Join the leading global community of like-minded women
    Valid for 12 months
  • Annual Membership

    Get two months free with a one off payment
    Valid for 12 months
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