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Marlene Nurick

The Like-Minded Collective was born from a desire to connect with like-minded people. Our Founder, Marlene, when at the peak of her corporate career, as a mum of two girls , was looking for a “group”where she could connect with like-minded women who were balancing "it all" . When she went looking for that place it was difficult to find – the only option was to join 4 or 5 different groups to achieve a wholistic approach. 
To find a "group" or "network", one that focussed on Mind, Body and Business, where women were experiencing or had experienced similar things was tough to find......

And so, the Collective was born. We invite you to join the Collective where we have worked hard to bring you our "mastermind panel" of women who are the best of the best in their fields, whether it be Mind, Body or Business. You may be looking for someone to talk and seek advice, or simply to share a shitty day with – the Collective is all about connection.




Our Founder featured in

Forbes Magazine

New York Journal 

Disruptors magazine

Breethe App

As part of your Membership to The Like-Minded Collective you will receive 10% off monthly membership to the Breethe App.

Breethe, one of the most popular meditation and wellness apps with more than 10-million downloads. Breethe helps people find mental wellness through guided audio meditations, master classes and programs, hypnotherapy, music for every mood, informative talks and bedtime stories. Offering new content daily and with personalised recommendations on how to cope with real-life challenges, such as sleep difficulty, work stress and relationship issues, Breethe helps people overcome anxiety, insomnia, and stress. This is one of the many benefits we offer as part of The Like Minded Collective membership.


At The Like-Minded Collective, we have a dynamic panel of women who are masterminds in their respective fields. Focussed on various aspects of Mind, Body and Business, our experts are handpicked and here to assist you with information, toolkits, masterclasses and support. As a member of The Like-Minded Collective, you have unlimited access to the experts and you are invited to tap into our Experts as you need – whether it be business advice – across sales, marketing , finance or HR – our experts are here to assist you. Likewise across mind and body we are beside you on your journey and have all the experts you need. Look at them as your life toolkit.

Stop to Start 

There’s a common problem that entrepreneurs, business owners, leaders and managers run into—working too much. It seems that there is always more work to be done and tasks that need your attention. It’s easy to fall for the myth that if you just work a little harder or a little longer that things will fall into place. And you might think that when that happens, you’ll get your well-needed break. But it doesn’t work like that. 

You need to prioritize a PAUSE. Take regular breaks, vacations, and rests as a leader. Not Negotiable. Schedule them. You also need to help your team, your tribe,  do the same. Here are five reasons why this is so critical:

1. Clarity ​

2. Burnout leads to reduced creativity​

3. Improves your health​

4. Improves your relationships​

5. Provide others a chance to learn and lead

Taking breaks and stepping away from time to time provides the chance for future leaders to test out their skills and get their feet wet. It might be hard for you to do, but it’s right for you and your team.

Don’t miss this opportunity to Stop to Start – the time is now!

The Circle

We would like you to see this as your weekly opportunity to tap into the panel of masterminds or simply connect. We all know how hard it is to take time for ourselves to review, to connect and to meet women who simply get it. Often in business, its worth while having another perspective- look at it as your own board of directors or mindful leaders who are there just for you. As part of your membership of The Like-Minded Collective you are invited to be part of The Circle to discuss and be involved in various topics across mind, body and business. We develop topics of conversation and opportunities for our members based on your feedback and areas that you may need help with. This is one of the great value pieces of our Membership that we know you will love. So grab your favourite tea, sit down and join The Circle, see you every second Wednesday of the month  at 4pm.

The Collective Podcast

Join our podcast FOCUS across Mind, Body and Business.

A podcast for women by women.

Podcasts are uploaded weekly with topics across mind body and business

with a panel of experts in their fields.


Register your interest in being featured on our podcast.

Yoga Session

The Like-Minded Collective

Yoga Session
Image by Dmitriy Nushtaev
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