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Membership Events 

As a member of The Like-Minded Collective, you will enjoy tickets to some of the most exclusive events in town. Be it an evening with Obama , lessons on mindset , or building your personal brand , we have you covered. We have a team of experts looking for the biggest and greatest events globally so that you don’t have to and we ensure you get tickets – Covering Paris, London , Milan , Sydney , Melbourne , Manhattan NYC


An Evening w President Obama

President Barack Obama's path to success is unlike any other. In a moderated discussion with The Honourable Julie Bishop, attendees will hear President Obama discuss strength in leadership and explore techniques for navigating an unpredictable future. There's no leader better equipped to share their experience, unique strategy and wisdom on the changing face of leadership.


The Vegan Women Summit

The Vegan Women Summit will bring together leaders and professionals to talk about how they deliver better food choices for our people, improve public health, and lower carbon emissions.

Women In Tech Global Summit

The theme ‘HERstory in the Making’, celebrates women across the world who are the Shakers, Makers and Innovators of our new society and economy. Its aim is to connect, inspire and catalyse collective efforts to act for a more inclusive, sustainable and innovative STEAM ecosystem. 

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Forbes Womens Summit 

So, what does it take to unlock new thinking in 2023 and beyond? What if we found success by balancing leadership, progression and remuneration with connection, wellness, passion and purpose? Hear from the cultural luminaries and industry icons who are at the frontline of progress, harnessing their power to turn ideas into impact.

Start Ups and Small Business Networking

Whether you are an entrepreneur, small business owner or business professional, this event is the perfect opportunity to get away from your desk, have some cocktails and network with potential business partners, investors, industry professionals and new clients.... Or just come on out and make some new friends! We've witnessed countless business connections and friendships form at our past events.

Women in Business Networking Event

If you're a woman in business, or aspiring to be, then this is the event for you! Come along and meet like-minded women, exchange ideas and learn from each other.

Develop Your Personal Brand

What makes a good personal brand? 

How to be ‘real’ yet effective in the public eye?

Learn the secrets behind luxury branding techniques, understand the mechanisms that affect perception and learn how you can manage successfully and impressively your presence in professional interactions.

EMS Evolution Mindset Summit

Would you like to move to a higher level in your professional and/or personal life? There is no magic recipe, the solution is within you and during the EMS they will give you keys to activate your full potential.

Women Making Waves

Celebrate women who have made waves through time and around the globe — including some who remain largely unknown. 

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