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5 minutes with Pauline Mauduit - Mind, Body Therapist

1. We know that ‘relaxation’ can mean different things for different people. What do you consider to be the ultimate definition of relaxation?

I find the need to disconnect in order to reconnect with what matters. It’s this ability to disconnect periodically, from pressures or relating with people, which enables us to connect internally with ourselves.

The experience of sitting alone by myself and listening the waves, reading an exciting book or even cooking have a very relaxing effect for me. It may sound simple, but disconnecting from the overload of information, even for a short while, can help us to appreciate the simple wonders of the world we inhabit.

So go on and disconnect; step back and reflect before reacting. Enjoy connecting back; with yourself, situations and others.

2. Our Members often tell us how busy their lives are and we get that but what we want to do is to support our community to manage these busy lives. What things should we focus on to achieve holistic wellbeing in our lives?

The basic meaning of a holistic wellbeing is taking care of your mind, body and emotions. I often remind my clients that achieving a balanced life will lead to you feeling happier! A holistic approach considers all the variables that affect your total health rather than concentrating only on one, such as nutrition or exercise. It’s is all about finding harmony and balance in every area of your life, from mindfulness and meditation, to food and exercise.

Living a holistic lifestyle is about practicing self-care activities and keeping yourself healthy and happy. A healthy mind will lead to a healthy body!

Here are a few great ways I suggest attaining wellness:

- Choose to smile every day to boost mood and health! Smiling can influence your feelings of positivity, it sends the message that "Life is good!" to your brain and, ultimately, the rest of your body.

- Adopt a morning routine, the essential part of your day is waking up in the morning. This routine depends entirely on what you need to feel good after you wake up. It can be anything, from having a good breakfast to writing your journal, listening to a podcast, or expressing gratitude. You can also include meditation in your morning routine to help calm your thoughts and develop a clearer mind.

- Eat Healthily: It’s essential to keep a check on what you are eating. The things you let into your body shape your mind and soul. So, if you want to live a comfortable and happy life, it’s important to have a diet that nourishes your mind and body. Choose to consume as many naturally present, seasonal, local, and unprocessed foods as possible. Also, ensuring you’re consuming all the vitamins and nutrients you require is critical.

- And find a holistic practitioner! Living holistically can be challenging, and sometimes you need someone to guide you. I can help motivate you and teach you how to regulate your emotions throughout your journey.

3. A relaxing massage is something most of us like the sound of, but we understand you offer an Intuitive Healing Massage as part of your practice. Tell us a little bit more about what this involves and how it is different from a basic massage?

It’s a holistic treatment that treats the body as well as the mind. It includes an integrative approach and a number of healing and techniques that I have learnt or developed over many years of training and working as a healer and therapist.

I wear many hats as Mind Body Therapist, the combination of practical techniques and body work, as well as energetic and spiritual principles engaging the mind, body and soul. I intuitively pick various tools from my toolbox in order to address a specific issue you need support with.

I use Reiki energy, pressure points and intuitive massage movement to bring your body and mind back to balance and harmony. Combining powerful tools such as Energy & Crystal healing, Essential oils, Hot Stones, Chakra Clearing and Intuitive Counselling (including Neuro-Linguistic Programming and Matrix Therapy).

My style of healing goes well beyond a one-on-one session. I focus on teaching you how to self-heal and offers support outside of the treatment room. I assist you in mapping and addressing the bodies imbalances and blockages on the emotional, physical and energetic levels.

4. What are Top 5 ways we can relax at the end of a busy day?

Try some of these tips to unwind from stress caused during the day:

1/ I like giving to my client a tool that I call “end of the day routine”; it consists of answering 4 questions that I recommend you do once you have finished work and before you start your personal tasks at home. It's a nice way to stop, reflect and recharge before doing anything else at home. What I hated about today? - What I could have done differently? - What I would do tomorrow to have a better day? - What I will remember as positive?

2/ Third eye self-massage: Relax your body and close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths and imagine that you are opening up your third eye. Place your index finger on your third eye and gently massage the area with circles in a downward direction. Or you can simply hold the third point for two minutes while you breathe deeply and slowly.

It brings a sense of calm and freedom from frustration, confusion, mental congestion and head pain.

3/ I love nothing more than taking my “work” clothes off at the end of the day, having a shower, and slipping into my comfy clothes. It's like a ritual that tells me it's time to relax. Plus, dressing in soft, cosy, comfortable clothing helps your body feel softer, and more at ease.

4/ Go for a physical activity after work, it’s a brilliant way to release any stress or tension that had built up in the day. Do some yoga, it’s a beautiful way to reconnect with your body, ground and centre yourself, and be in the moment. If you’re more of an energetic person, you’ll probably prefer going for a run than doing some yoga, but it’s good to mix things up and give your body a range of movement.

5/ After a long day, I personally love taking a few minutes to sit with my dog and spend some time petting him or cuddling together. You can pair cuddling with listening to some relaxing music, meditating, doing some deep breathing, or listening to your favourite podcast. Your dog will love the attention, too.


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