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People around you matter, Choose your circle wisely

It is often said that you are the sum of the five people you spend the most time with. It makes sense then, that you should want these five people to be inspiring characters, who can help you lift you up and be the best version of yourself. Indeed, it's been proven that the circle of people who surround you can influence your daily decisions. Particularly, a motivating and supporting circle can remind you to not engage with temptation. As such, they can keep you from reckless spending, or sleeping through your pilates class, as they stand beside you to motivate you and give you a boost! The feeling of being supported and loved also waives away feelings of being disconnected or lonely – feelings which often leave us down in the dumps and more likely to engage in bad habits. Think about it, if you surround yourself with people who are smokers, chances are you’re more likely to smoke yourself. Psychologically, surrounding yourself with people who are feeling positive, makes you feel more positive while being in their presence. The same goes for when you hang out with people who are negative, you will psychologically be placed in a darker mood than before. This is why it is so important to be picky with the circle you choose! It’s not to say that you can’t help a friend when they are struggling, but if you find they are constantly negative, and this impacts negatively on your relationship (either with them or yourself), then maybe it's time to rethink their space in your circle.

Having the right people around you, also fills your world with joy. There is nothing better than being surrounded by your community, over a glass of wine or good coffee, and belly-laughing so deep that your stomach begins to cramp. Your tribe will not burden you, and will relish in your wins and help you get through your losses. These are the people who you should be able to tell absolutely anything to – good or bad – without fear of judgement. Even if your friends cannot help to solve any problems you may be facing, they will always be a shoulder to lean on and provide advice you didn't even know you needed.

Because of the fundamental ways that your circle impacts your life, we encourage you to be picky about who it is that are forming your closest relationships. Think about whether you have similar values and goals, and how you feel when you hang out with them. When you have your core circle who lift you up and inspire you, we hope you take the time to thank them for the role they play in their lives. You’ll be surprised with how many of them thank you too


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