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Who are The Like-Minded Collective?

It’s been a long time coming, 3 years in fact, since our founder Marlene put pen to paper and started to plan what is now The Like-Minded Collective.

While many networks or organisations focus on wellness, or career or personal development, there wasn’t one that encompassed all three in the depth and quality that she wanted. So so she made one herself.

We are a collective of Like-Minded, connected by spirit women who are on the constant path of bettering ourselves in service of our community.

We provide products that stimulate growth, seminars that foster creativity, and retreats that inspire change. Our program is effective because of its holistic approach in tailoring our products and services to you. Under the guidance of our core team, as well as industry experts who are rigorously selected, we have curated a truly life changing program for our collective.

Our Approach

Allow us to introduce you to our three pillars approach that we hope will orient you on this path – with a view towards where you’re going, and the ability to look back on how far you have come.

The first pillar we refer to is Growth. This is your initial introduction to the collective. Here, you will often experience the growing pains that are signals that you are truly on the right track. Our team will support you here with learning material about how to navigate this stage. This is where we supply you with your annual planner and your quarterly journals. These will become key elements of your Collective journey, and key charters of your progress. You will, of course, be supplied with the tips and tricks you need to fully harness their potential. You will also, at this point, be invited to attend your first experience with us. The two-day Why Weekend is for those that want to re-connect and get back to knowing their “why”, as well as gaining clarity that will help inform your journey.

The second pillar is Creativity. Here, you are actively evolving into your higher self. Our team will focus on providing content that inspires your daily life. Here, our team will focus on providing you with the creative success stories of other women, guiding you with practical tools that can embed their pearls of wisdom into your day to day life. Leadership is a key focus here, not in a mere business sense, but in a sense of forging your own path and taking up the space that you, as a woman in the world, are able to righteously hold. As a member, you will receive all the usual perks such as free access to our online Masterclasses, and advance tickets to all of our experiences.

Finally, you will reach the Collective’s third pillar – Change. Here is where we cement our learnings thus far, fully immersing ourselves into the collective. With an eye on reflection, we are armed with the techniques to ensure the changes we have made are long lasting. It is during this third pillar that we actively encourage members to attend one of our infamous retreats. Here, members are able to share their experiences in the collective and form lifelong bonds. We are reminded that our minds are the most formative tool in ensuring holistic change, and becoming the women we want to be for ourselves, for each other, and for the world. Here, wellness has almost become a ritual, but again we shift based on the season we are in.

The Like-Minded Collective is for everyone and anyone:

Business owners, women that work for others, CEO’s and executives, students, freelancers, parents, retirees and women currently not working.

If you’re looking for a sign to shake up your life’s journey, and start living on your own terms, then investing you is the best possible way – the only way.


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