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Why Leaders stop to start

Good leaders are able to identify the feelings of burnout - feeling sluggish, unmotivated, and simply exhausted. Great leaders, however, are able to put in strategies to ensure that they don't even reach the point of burnout. To put it bluntly, great leaders know they have to stop to start.

It is often said that leaders will foster and produce who they are – not who they want. A leader who is burned out will pass on the same habits that they experience. However, a balanced leader - who understands the value of investing in their mind, body and soul - will foster a culture below them that encourages balance, and in turn, greater productivity.

The idea of stopping to start reflects the idea that rest improves our bodies, minds, and spirits. When we have adequate rest, we are more able to process the circumstances and challenges that may be surrounding us. Rest in and of itself can often be confusing. Rest refers to sleep, sure, but it also represents an active form of rest such as a quiet walk in nature, meditating, or taking a vacation somewhere new. It’s become clear, after two years of working from home and losing our boundaries of rest - so many of us have forgotten how to stop. Embracing the practice of stopping to start will renew your perspective as you step away from your daily routines and environment. Undoubtedly, you will find that your perspective shifts, and that after stopping for a while you are able to attack old problems with new solutions.

Good leaders understand that they need adequate sleep. They are able to prioritise this as a matter requiring preparation throughout the day, through exposure to natural light, exercise or supplementation. Good leaders also schedule in their downtime – blocking out times in their calendars for the gym, or for family dinners. Importantly, they also leave room open to learn through rest. Whether it be by reading a new book, or embarking on a new retreat – they understand that stopping their usual day-to-day hustle and bustle, will help them start up (with 100% efficacy) again.


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