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What is clarity

Clarity is one of those buzzwords you often hear thrown about as a necessary ingredient in becoming the best version of you. We are drawn to it because let’s face it, our daily routine can reach a point where it feels repetitive and mundane - especially in the past two year. But if you are crystal clear with your purpose and can give a “why” to your “what”, your daily tasks become more meaningful and exciting. In a way, clarity is the fuel that enables us to sow the seeds everyday – so we can reap some big rewards that are important to us.

Clarity is, at its heart, a crystal clear vision of what your purpose and vision is. It comes from defining what you want and how you will make this vision come to life. Without accurately knowing what exactly is your vision and your action, you can’t work towards an end goal.

Finding your clarity is a very individual process, and trust us, it requires some work. However, it brings with it a supreme feeling of alignment that allows us to step into the world and our communities, knowing full well how we can give ourselves to those around us.

Travis Pastrana once said: “somewhere in the fear and chaos, there is a clarity that few will ever experience”. In our hustle and bustle way of living, we have forgotten how to devote the time for self-reflection. We find the most effective way of reaching clarity is to put pen to paper and write down your goals and values. It won’t be a quick and easy fix, and you’ll need to spend time refining the actions you take in your everyday life that either align with these values, or don’t. It’s also great to ask for help from a mentor or coach when you can’t do it yourself.

There’s no right or wrong way of finding clarity, but the discovery is in the process. So let’s get started sharing our processes today. Let us know the way you find your clarity, and how you live your daily life in accordance with what you value.


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