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The importance of self care

Self care has become a bit of a buzzword in recent years, and we love it! Self care is a fundamental aspect of managing daily stressors, and is a way that we can ensure we are being the best versions of ourselves. Self care doesn’t need to be expensive spa days (although it can be!), but can also be the little things we treat ourselves with every now and then (like a manicure!) or everyday (buying our favourite coffee!). Self care can also just be taking five minutes at the start of the day to meditate, or winding down with your favourite TV show after work.

Whatever your version of self care is, it has profoundly positive impacts on your health and wellbeing. Indeed, research suggests that self care practices result in cultivating resilience, longer life spans, and an ability to cope with stress better. This isn't surprising, given our modern day lives are filled with doing things for others, and exerting a lot of our energy in doing so. Society, over time, has prioritised productivity at the expense of wellness, and the rise of self care has seen a shift in reclaiming some of that. Self care rituals create the space where you are allowed to put yourself first.

Making time for self care practices can reduce levels of anxiety as you take a moment away from your daily stressors to do something that boosts your mood. As you treat yourself with increased kindness, you in turn boost your self-esteem, by looking upon yourself more favourably. Self care has a great way of reminding you of your worth, and can thus lead to positive improvements in your relationships. As a run off impact, consistently practising self care will enable you to set boundaries in your life based on what fuels you, and should be prioritised in your life. Self care is a domino that begins by resetting the mind and body, and has countless run on effects into other aspects of your life.


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