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Ikigai (“eye-ka-guy”)

TLMC Experiences – a sneak peak into The Why Weekend

Know your ikigai

Ikigai (“eye-ka-guy”) is a Japanese term that translates to “reason for being”. It provides similar guidance that clarity does (check out our blog post on clarity) – but adds a next step to fuse together the spiritual and the practical.

The focus of ikigai is to balance your values and beliefs, with practical lifestyle actions that allow you to manifest them in the everyday world. This balance is found at the intersection of where your passions and talents meet what the world needs and is willing to pay for.

The modern world has often led us to believe that our values are not compatible with the way we live. To put food on the table, practicalities often find us in a line of work. Ikigai encourages this work to reflect what you are passionate about, or at least connected to what you value.

That’s not to say that work is the most important thing in your life. At other times, this may be family, relationships, health, or whatever else you find value in. However, the importance of ikigai is that nothing operates on its own. All spheres are intertwined and related aspects of our lives. To achieve feelings of peace and sustained happiness, we can intertwine these aspects by being true to our passions and beliefs, using our careers as a tool in our toolbox to live a life of consequence.

We would love you to have a go at filling in your own Ikigai diagram. All you need to do is fill in each circle with your own experiences and understanding of self. Some of this content may come easily, while filling in some spheres may prove to be more challenging. We encourage you to engage in more self-reflection on the ones that seem to stump you. Either way, this process will guide you on your way in your search for Ikigai. Have Fun ! I hope to see you soon at one of our Why Weekends. x


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