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Gaining and maintaining Clarity

“There are few things more powerful than a life lived with passionate clarity” – Erwin McManus

It’s early morning, and you’re looking out over the ocean as the dawn mist starts to clear. Gradually, everything starts to come into focus: the boats on the horizon, the headland to the side of you, the shimmering flecks of sunlight in the water. This feeling. This vision. This is what we, in the world of Personal Growth, call gaining clarity. It is the ability to see in front of you (and to the side, and behind you), without the ‘fog’ that so often clouds your view. Clarity is an essential tool in becoming the best version of yourself.

What is clarity?

Clarity is, at its heart, a crystal-clear vision of what your purpose and vision is. It comes from defining what you want and how you will make this vision come to life. Without accurately knowing what your vision is and what your action will be, you can’t work towards an end goal.

Gaining clarity can be difficult. The fog can be thick. The boats on the horizon might not come into view no matter how hard you will them to, or perhaps even because of how hard you’re willing them to. Our daily routine can reach a point where it feels repetitive and mundane, and especially in the last couple of years, it can feel like you’re just placing one foot in front of the other, without looking too far ahead.

A crystal-clear purpose

Clarity gives you a way forward, even in difficult times. If you are crystal clear with your purpose it can give a “why” to your “what”, your daily tasks gain meaning. In a way, clarity is the fuel that enables us to sow the seeds every day – so we can achieve goals and reach milestones that are important to us.

Gaining clarity is a very individual process, and trust us, it requires some work. However, it brings with it a supreme feeling of alignment that allows us to take up space in the world and be present in our communities, knowing full well how we can give ourselves to those around us.

Take a step back

In our frantic lifestyles, we have forgotten how to devote the time for self-reflection. So, one way to gain clarity is… Just to stop. Take a step back and put pen to paper. Write down your goals and values. It won’t be a quick and easy fix, and you’ll need to spend time refining the actions you take in your everyday life that either do or don’t align with these goals and values. It’s also great to ask for help from a mentor or coach when you can’t do it yourself.

Finding clarity

There’s no right or wrong way to find clarity. The discovery is in the process and the process can be different for everyone. Our team of Personal Growth experts are here to help, so talk to us about how best you can gain clarity in your own life. Perhaps we can lift that fog and find those boats on the horizon together. If you feel stuck, want to gain clarity or need a little help discovering your WHY. Join our Why Weekend Experience for 2 days of unparalleled personal growth.


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