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Finding yourself, Taking a break

As women in the modern world, we have a habit of constantly moving at a rapid pace - completing the next task, achieving the next big thing, all while managing to keep our lives together. Often, this happens when we are undergoing periods of great change. Starting a new job, planning a big trip or big event or even relocating are all moments where we tend to overcommit and overschedule.

Rest is a core part of cultivating a deep understanding of yourself. Without rest, it’s more difficult to see what is important to you, what motivates you, why you make your daily decisions, and ultimately your balance. Being confused about these things means you’re sure to not be at peace with yourself.

Resting allows you to feel yourself, and your emotions, wholly. Resting allows you to get to know yourself, but it will take patience, time and effort. As we are all aware, resting is not as easy as sitting on the couch and bingeing a netflix series (although this can be a part of it!) Indeed, this is the same reason why many novices struggle with meditation at the outset. It’s difficult to tell your brain to “just stop thinking” because you want it to.

The art of rest is something we have curated at The LikeMinded Collective. Indeed, we have consulted with experts to design the stop to start experience that focuses entirely on this idea. If you’ve found yourself feeling exhausted - be it physically or emotionally - then this retreat is for you. This event will focus on mindfulness (and how to actually do it), as well as taming your inner critic, reflecting on your past patterns of behaviour, and then challenges to implement new strategies that will prevent exhaustion in the future.

Our goal at the LikeMinded Collective is to get rid of the idea that you need to be “busy” to be “productive”. Indeed, without rest, your long term productivity will be negatively impacted. See our blog post about that here We’ve all had the same conversations with our girlfriends about how little we’re sleeping, how we have no free time, and how much we’re hustling. This culture has been sold to us, but fundamentally ignores the fact that you are more creative, resilient and indeed productive, when you slow down.

We’ve combined the experts, and learnt the lessons first hand. We invite you to come on the journey with us at our start to stop experience, and hope to see you slow down soon.


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