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Feeling a sense of calm

We all learnt while working from home during COVID, that it was imperative to separate our spaces - not only for productivity, but also for our wellbeing. Having a room in your home, or a section in your office, that you keep clean and tidy as a space just for you to go to when you need to catch your breath, will undoubtedly place you in a sense of calm. Having the one same place will neurologically assist your brain into shutting down into a sense of calm while you’re there, and will provide a necessary retreat when you need it. The team at TLMC often keep comfy pillows, some incense, candles, tea and whichever book we’re in the middle of all in our space - that way, it’s all there for us when we have a few moments to ourselves.

Studies have shown that setting up your environment in a way that works for you can help optimise your success and achieve your goals. Indeed, you can set your environment up so that your space triggers visual cues for a positive outcome. These visual cues can be whatever it is you’d like. Some that are tried-and-tested by us include:

  • Having a filled bottle of water in the kitchen, living room and bedroom. This way as your mind sees it in a new room, your brain thinks “Hey! Time to drink some water!” Not only is this a visual cue, but a practical one, as you don't need to go far to have a sip.

  • Keeping your supplements right near the coffee machine so in the morning you know exactly what to do and how to fuel your day

  • Placing your clarity journal by your bed every night to remind you in the morning that it’s time to fill it in

  • Keeping a habit tracker on your desk ensures that it’s in your line of sight throughout the working day, and you will find it is much easier to keep yourself accountable

These are just a few ways we like to set our environments up to help us be our best versions of ourselves. Let us know which ones you’re implementing, or any other genius ideas you may have! At the end of the day, we all have different things that suit our individual environments.


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