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External Influences/ Are your actions aligning with what you want for you?

External influences are all around us. It seems like everyone has an opinion about something - whether it’s your teachers, your parents, your partner, or your colleagues.

One thing that successful people are able to do is separate what is truly important to them, compared to what other people tell them should be important!

Everyone’s beliefs are a result of how they were brought into this world and the experiences they have had since. From childhood to adulthood, everyone's qualities, skills and talents are individual. This is why it is so important to know who you are when you don't need to impress anyone. Knowing your strengths and your weaknesses and harnessing these into your everyday world.

This is all internal work that will reflect how you perceive and interact with the external world.

Think about your relationship with self-talk. Positive self-talk has an overwhelmingly positive impact on our mood and self-image. In the same way, negative self-talk will have an overwhelmingly negative impact on our mood and self-image. If you have people in your external world, in the periphery of your life, feeding you negative thoughts and feelings – well, you can see how that will turn out!

When you’re surrounded by negativity, it’s so easy to let the little things pile up and bring you down. The key here is not letting it affect you, or letting it affect the way you see yourself.

We are being exposed to more and more opinions of others through the rise of social media. Everything we post and see is open to interpretation and feedback from others (who we may even not know!) This leads to the most trivial of judgments and criticism - I’ve seen people quarrel over how to correctly pour a cup of tea!

It is so important to surround yourself with people who are positive, but more so to have such a strong understanding of self that you are not easily swayed by the negativity. If someone tells you your tea is wrong, you should know that you’ve been making it for years with great success – just the way you like it!


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