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Are you just ticking boxes?

In the modern hustle and bustle of life, it's easy to get caught up in a routine of checking off boxes and merely getting through the day. The to-do lists, responsibilities, and obligations can often lead us down a path where we're living on autopilot, missing out on the richness and depth that life has to offer. But how do you know if you're truly living or just going through the motions? We encourage you to find a quiet moment with some pen and paper, and ask yourself whether you feel any of the following.

1. Does your routine feel monotonous?

One of the telltale signs that you might be stuck in a box-ticking mentality is the monotony of your routine. If your days feel like a never-ending cycle of the same tasks and responsibilities, it's time to pause and reflect. While routines can provide structure and stability, they can also become stifling if they leave no room for spontaneity, creativity, and exploration.

2. Do you lack passion or purpose?

When you're just ticking off boxes, you may find yourself going through the motions without a sense of passion or purpose. Your goals might become shallow and focused solely on completion rather than personal growth or fulfilment. Living a life of purpose means pursuing activities and goals that resonate with your values, ignite your passions, and contribute to your sense of identity. If you feel confused or overwhelmed by this, check out our blog post on ‘Why it's important to know your why’ or book a one on one with our founder and CEO Marlene Nurick.

3. Are you ignoring your inner voice?

Your inner voice is your compass for your desires, dreams, and aspirations. Often, that voice can get drowned out by the noise of daily obligations. If you've been consistently ignoring that inner voice, it's a clear sign that you might be coasting through life without truly living it. Taking the time to listen to your intuition can lead you to new experiences and paths that align with your authentic self.

4. Have you noticed time passing?

Have you ever had moments where you suddenly realise how much time has passed without any memorable experiences? This is a common occurrence when you're just ticking off boxes. Days turn into weeks, and weeks into months, with little to show in terms of meaningful memories. Being present in the moment and actively seeking out experiences that resonate with you can help slow down time and make each day more memorable.

5. Do you have a fear of change?

Living a life centred around ticking off boxes often comes with a fear of change. Stepping out of your comfort zone can seem daunting, and you might be hesitant to pursue new opportunities or take risks. Embracing change is essential for personal growth and discovering new dimensions of life that might be hidden when you're stuck in a routine.

6. Are you practising mindfulness?

Mindfulness is the key to breaking free from the box-ticking mentality. By practising mindfulness, you become more attuned to your thoughts, feelings, and experiences. This awareness allows you to make conscious choices about how you spend your time and energy. Mindful living encourages you to savour the present moment, appreciate the beauty around you, and actively engage with life's ups and downs.

Ultimately, life is too precious to be reduced to a list of boxes to check off. If you find your days are filled with routine, it may be time to take a step back, stop to reevaluate your priorities, and start making conscious choices that align with your authentic self.


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