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The Elevating Women's Programme



MARCH COHORT ( March 15 - May 15 ) 
JUNE COHORT ( June 15 - August 15 ) 
SEPTEMBER COHORT ( September 15 - November 15 )


Empowering women in leadership to step up into their passion and purpose

This 6 month programme is designed for corporate and entrepreneurial women wanting to add to their toolkit, and, better understand, manage and lead with confidence.

At The Like-Minded Collective, we work and talk

with women in senior leadership positions every day, and, see highly competent women question their actions in meetings or situations, because of how others perceive them. But is it real? OR is it self doubt, and a lack of confidence – the old imposter syndrome kicking in....

How to manage self doubt, improve confidence with a knowledge of how to navigate these situations, is desperately needed in order for both women, and, organisations to thrive.

That’s where the Elevating Women Programme comes in.

Now, we are NOT here to talk about equal salaries NOR increasing the percentage of women in CEO positions – there are many other courses and womens groups for that.

We are here to give you the tools to level up, to use confidence as your superpower and walk into any room and own it. Any where. Any time. Simple.

Lets stop talking and do it. Lets elevate you! Cross the UBT out of DOUBT.

I hope to see you enrolled, Marlene x

The Curriculum consists of ten modules, nine of which are online for you to complete at your own pace.

Ideally, each module should take you no more than three weeks on average.

Each module is supported with a group call every fortnight to answer any questions or challenges you may be having.

A one on one call with TLMC can be scheduled as a coaching / support call at any time through the programme.

The final module is where you get to STOP TO START.

Our famous retreat that is all about pause, reflection, yoga , spa, great food and wine in a 5 star location. Where you get to do as much or as little as you like before you take all your learnings and start refreshed.

The Elevating Women's Programme

Module One: The Clarity Workshop
Explore your true purpose, what brings meaning to you and how to craft a vision for your life and make it happen.

Module Two: Confidence is your new superpower
Learn an evidence-based approach for how to create rconfidence – the type you have no matter what is going on around you.

Module Three: Your Brand, Yes YOUR BRAND
Your second superpower – your personal brand. Build a personal brand that you are known for and why that matters.

Module Four: Level up in Leadership
Develop as an authentic leader no matter what your role and learn how to step into your power .Understand how leadership is changing, what new leadership looks like and why women have never been better positioned to lead.

Module Five: Influence + Impact
Build your influence, develop your executive presence, and enhance your impact in all aspects of your work and leadership.

Module Six: Wellbeing : Purpose and Priorities
Discover the light-hearted, busy-proof and evidence-based ways you can create wellbeing in your life with our experts across mind , body and business.

Module Seven: Mindset Matters
Delve into the power of cultivating mindset and motivation into your daily lfe at work and at home.

Module Eight: Emotional Intelligence

What is it and how to tap into it.

Module Nine: Resilience and Renewal

Bouncing back after difficult engagments and/ or difficult times, having a baby or smply after taking a break.

Module Ten – Experience Event

4 days and 3 nights in 5 star hotel in Bali w daily yoga, wellness activities and conversations with like-minded women. It's your time to STOP so you can START refreshed and re energised.

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Sound like something you absolutely need to do?

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