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Summer Jupp

Summer Jupp

Yoga Teacher, Ayervedic Masseuse, Trauma-Informed Coach

At Seven Senses we are on a mission to ensure individuals have access to safe spaces where healing and growth to co-exist. Starting with the corporate world, we are transforming the approach to leadership through our specialist trauma-informed leadership certification.

Having spent most of my career working in the corporate world of technology for banking and legal services, I was first exposed to the power of multi-layered healing when I was forced to confront my own trauma. As a female survivor working within a male dominated corporate structure this wasn't an easy task but rather something forced upon me.

Since then, I have trained as a trauma-informed leadership coach, yoga teacher and massage therapist whilst founding Seven Senses with the aim of creating safe spaces where healing & growth exist for individuals and organisations.

Built to harness and support, I believe that everyone has the right to dream and achieve big regardless of their past experiences. This doesn't make the journey easy, but when given access to the right tools, services, and leadership everyone can grow beyond their darkest moments.

What happens to us during extreme stress and trauma is not our fault yet our futures are ours to reclaim and enjoy.

3 Quotes you live by

1. Everything in nature is perfectly imperfect.

2. Explore and celebrate difference. We weren’t born to be the same but we were born with curiosity and compassion.

3. Yesterday is history, tomorrow a mystery, stay present as today is a gift.

Summer Jupp


Courtney Sharp
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