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Samantha Hewinson

Samantha Hewinson

Holistic Yoga Therapist

Mother of four, holistic yoga therapist, personal trainer, and Ayurvedic Nutritionist, Samantha Hewinson, is known for her gentle, simple, and effective approach to helping people achieve optimal wellbeing.

Samantha (Sami) is the founder of Live to Serve Academy, a health and wellness platform which aims to educate and inspire people to live a vibrant, meaningful life. Having worked with thousands of people across 10+ different countries over the past decade, her offerings aim to serve the whole person – helping people find life and purpose beyond their health challenges. Her unique method has shown notable success with assisting people overcome diet-confusion and burnout by empowering them with simple, sustainable self-care behaviors that support optimal functioning with minimal fuss.

Sami has taught and spoken at events and conferences around the world and has shared the stage with influential industry leaders such as Dr. Robert Svoboda, Amadea Morningstar, Dr. Vignesh Devraj, and MC Yogi. She supports Australia’s yoga community by serving as Chair of Yoga As a Business, working with the board of Yoga Australia by creating resources and advising on business practices for yoga teachers.

3 Quotes You Live By

  1. Simplify to Amplify

  2. Simple Living, Higher Thinking” (Bhaktivedanta Swami)

  3. You can use it as an excuse, or you can use it as fuel

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