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Our wellness partners at Breethe 



As part of your Membership to The Like-Minded Collective you will receive a complimentary monthly membership to the Breethe App.​

Breethe, one of the most popular meditation and wellness apps with more than 10-million downloads. Breethe helps people find mental wellness through guided audio meditations, master classes and programs, hypnotherapy, music for every mood, informative talks and bedtime stories. Offering new content daily and with personalised recommendations on how to cope with real-life challenges, such as sleep difficulty, work stress and relationship issues, Breethe helps people overcome anxiety, insomnia, and stress. This is one of the many benefits we offer as part of The Like-Minded Collective membership.

Why Breethe? 

Life is hard. People are soft. But we’re meant to be. Because even when stress, anxiety, or sleepless nights leave us feeling deflated, Breethe helps users bounce back to their natural, happy state. Breethe App is an all-day (and night!) inner wellness partner for anxiety, stress, sleep, and more. 


Rather than making meditation & mental wellness another item on the to-do list, Breethe makes it easily fit into everyday life and they like to think they do it with a sense of humour.  


The app tailors guided meditations to all experience levels, but is especially popular with beginners due to its easy-to-follow, 7-Day ‘Learn to Meditate’ program, and offers a robust selection of free content—more than 100 pieces. Additionally, Breethe offers sound therapy, hypnotherapy sessions, soothing music and nature sounds playlists, and is the first app to introduce audio dance meditation.

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