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We are helping women achieve the lifestyle they dream of.

Who are we...

The Like-Minded Collective is connecting like minded-women from all over the globe.

 At The Collective we take a holistic approach on assisting women across Mind, Body and Business with the a panel of masterminds and Experts in their fields. Whether you are feeling stuck, whether you are at crossroad or feeling like something is missing. The Collective will assist you to gain the clarity you need to take the next step. 


We tailor solution to individuals and enabling the "Next Step" on their journey. 

Our Promise

We offer the platform and ability for women from all career levels and backgrounds to connect with like-minded women globally, ensuring we walk beside our members as they continue to achieve balance in Mind, Body & Business. 


Through our framework, we provide women with the toolkits, programs, experiences, and events that allow them to gain clarity on the next step.

A platform for entrepreneurs to increase their influence, income, and impact.


There are women’s networking groups, there are corporate women’s programs, there are health and wellbeing retreats and there is us in one all platform!

Our main purpose is to offer the tools and support needed for women of all ages and careers backgrounds to take the NEXT STEP.

• Tailored programs across mind body and business

• Clarity workshops

• Retreats and Social events 

• Featured Next Step program 2 times a year

• Entrepreneurs showcase feature

• Panel of masterminds for members to access when they need support across Mind, Body and Business

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