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We are helping business women achieve the lifestyle they dream of.

Who are we...

Simply …. we are you.

A collective of women aged 35+ who are balancing this thing called ‘life’. We are women who want it all, without the bullsh*t. Some of us are mums, some are not, some are career women, others entrepreneurs, some married, some divorced, some single. What we all have in common is we are women who thrive on connecting with other like-minded women. We draw inspiration from each other, we encourage each other, and we have each other’s back.Whilst we acknowledge the statistics around women CEO's and pay equality, we are more focused on the individual and the individual’s taking ownership of who they are when they walk into the board room. We never walk into a room as a woman, we walk into a room as someone who is confident and knows who they are. In business, we know our subject matter and that is what makes all the difference.

We support, encourage, and promote other women because we believe in them and know their worth. This is not a “phase” but a global movement and we need to build our community so we can gain MORE traction. We urge you to join The Like-Minded Collective, leverage the panel of masterminds and step into the journey of creating the life you want.

Our Promise

We offer the platform and ability for women from all career levels and backgrounds to connect with like-minded women globally, ensuring we walk beside our members as they continue to achieve balance in mind, body & business. 


Through our framework, we provide women with the toolkits, programs, experiences, and events that allow them to increase their influence, income, and impact. Through wellness / business experts we keep our members motivated and focused on living their best life.


There are women’s networking groups, there are corporate women’s programs, there are health and wellbeing retreats and there is us – we are all of those and more! We recognise that women in business need support in all these areas and want more from a membership. We are about mind, body and business and we have an incredible network of Experts to offer advice and guidance. We offer fun Experiences and Events for you to join together and meet other like-minded women and we have curated a range of beautiful wellness products that we want you to discover and enjoy.  

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