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5 Minutes with our Founder Marlene Nurick

We know that you have mentored many women over your years in business – do you have a mentor/s and if so, what are the takeaways that that person / people have taught / instilled in you that you have kept with you over your career?

This is a tricky one for me to answer. I don’t specifically believe in having a “mentor” as I believe we can learn from many people we come across in our lives. It’s important to take notice as you will only ever hear something that resonates with you, when you are ready to hear it. In my career, rather than mentor, I would say “people I admire” or “people I have key takeaways with” as they can be positive actions or, actions where I learn what not to do ..hahaha. It’s a very personal thing. As a person though, I would say my Nan and my parents are the people I have learnt most from and key takeaways from them have shaped me into the person I am today. Never give up, if you see it, you can execute it. When you get knocked down, it’s important to recognise what happened, the why it happened, but to get back up quickly and keep going. To listen and constantly learn. To work hard for what you want in life, and get ready for it, the biggest takeaway from my Mum, rely on no one to make your vision come to life, it’s your vision, you make it happen.

What do you do to keep the balance in your life between mind, body & business?

Good question, this balance we talk about, can become a negative influence if we simply do not recognise that mind, body and business, our personal life, and, business life, are simply how we “shape” and “live” our lives. For me its about planning. I plan my time, I take responsibility for my schedule, and thus the balance comes from what I deem as “important”. So, the answer to this question for me is I own and prioritise what is important that aligns with my values of mindset, healthy body and a clear determined focus on my businesses. One thing I want to say here is that it is important to make sure that the “stress levers” in your life are managed as when they are triggered it throws out the balance. Know what stresses you and try to not allow the behaviours that lead to that stress come into play.

What is something not many people know about you?

That I am actually quite shy when meeting new people.

When you have experienced a ‘flat spot’ in your business or your life what has motivated you or helped you to step forward and move out of that place?

The review. I like to do a personal quarterly review. No really, I do my own QBR !!! I love to analyse and review how I got there, what steps I took; both right and wrong, and, then take the time out to think about the next step will be. I have made the time for frequent pauses in my life, short getaways, which allows the clarity to visualise what the bigger picture looks like – or the next steps . Once I see it, I map the plan and get on with it. I could not step forward and move out of that place without stopping.

You are a mum of 3 daughters – what is something you have been specific about in raising them so that they can go out and travel their own paths in life ?

It would be what was instilled in me – you are responsible for your actions, so own them. Stay aligned with your values and, be kind. Do what makes you happy and you will do well – as long as you work hard, listen, learn, have fun - and most importantly - get things done.


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