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Member only Experiences 
Past attendees have called our Experiences “truly life changing”. Our programs deliver both the analytical research-based content, and the personal development tool kit that empowers you to dig deeper, gain clarity and build your self awareness. They challenge you to think hard about yourself, your environment and really explore the depths of your strengths in business as well as areas of personal improvement. Our Experiences are incredibly motivational and can even be intensely emotional at times leaving you with the opportunity to recalibrate and move through anything that has been blocking you. There is also an incredible unique dynamic when you bring 50 different women together where we create a safe space in which you open yourself up to learning and step away with a newfound energy and thirst for self-growth and improvement. 


Stop to Start 

 2023 | Brisbane 

All great leaders stop to start. No matter where you are on your journey, the importance of a "pause" should not be underestimated. When we stop from our day to day life to take time for yourself it gives us an opportunity to re-examine refresh and gain clarity. 

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